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JRK Dream Crystal Glow Lychee

JRK Dream Crystal Glow Lychee

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⭐️ Here's something that you'll surely love! 

COLLAGEN DRINK in Lychee with so much health benefits! It contains 5,000MG Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. We are KETO FRIENDLY too!! It can also help you lose weight with proper diet and consistent intake.

Given that Collagen is good for our overall health, here are the benefits of LYCHEE too.

☑️Prevent Signs Of Aging
☑️Help Remove Blemishes
☑️Reduce Sunburns
☑️Promote Hair Growth
☑️Have Anticancer Effect
☑️Improve Digestion
☑️Prevent Cataract
☑️Act Against Influenza
☑️Aid Weight Loss
☑️Regulate Blood Circulation

🌸You can take up to 3x a day (anytime!)
🌸Best if you take it in the morning and/or before bedtime
🌸10 sachets/box
🌸Perfect with ice!

Try it now, Dreamer! And dream that extra glow!
By the way, friendly reminder, Crystal Glow is advised to be taken by 18 years old and above.

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