Skincare rules everyone should know:

Skincare rules everyone should know:

• Know your skin concern instead of skin types. Because why should we label our skin as one or two things? It’s over changing. When we put strict labels on our skin (like dry, oily, normal) we end up creating an image in our heads of what we think our skin needs instread of actively tuning in and listening to what it actually craves. then, We limit ourselves to products that fit our so called “skin type” INSTEAD OF USING PRODUCTS THAT OUR SKIN REALLY NEEDS.

• Research. Research. Research 🔍
Some brands will try to entice you into buying by using your favorite influencer but be smart and do your own research. Know the brand and the product which will go into your skin. Reviews and feedback are really helpful because they are tried by REAL users. ALWAYS CHOOSE PRODUCTS THAT ARE SAFE & EFFECTIVE! Rest assured, Ryx’s commitment is to provide quality products. 💯

• Always do a patch test.
Patch testing is important because it can potentially save your skin from damage caused by products that are not suitable for you. We always recommend a 24 hour patch test to ensure that there will be no adverse reaction from your skin.

• Never forget your SUNSHIELD.
No skincare efforts will ever be enough if we don’t protect our skin from SUN damage because its effect can harm our skin deep within. Whatver skincare regimen you follow, never forget SUNSHIELD. Apply it liberally every 2 hours especially when you are going out.

• CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY. 💯 Healthy and beautiful skin takes time. 

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