Skin Types

Skin Types

We all have different skin types. That is why it is important to know the right products to use to properly care for your type of skin. 💚 


Get to know your skin and read the descriptions below. 💚  


💚 Normal skin

- No major skin issues; no blemishes 

- Dewy appearance 

- Skin pores are normal


💚 Dry skin 

- Skin looks flaky, dry, dull and stretched

- Skin pores are not visible

- Prone to age lines and sensitivity 


💚 Combination skin

- May be dry-combination (dry on the cheeks, normal to being oily on the t-zone)

- Mild skin sensitivity and blackheads around the nose at times. 


💚 Oily skin

- Skin looks greasy

- Prone to blackheads and acne 

- Enlarged pores


💚 Sensitive skin

- Prone to skin allergies causing redness, irritation and rashes 

- Reacts negatively to products


💚 Acne-prone skin

- Prone to acne

- Has combination to oily skin 

- Can be caused by hormonal balances


By knowing our skin type, we can easily take good care of it. 


So just listen to your skin because your Skin Can Tell. 💚


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