Feeling dull inside?

Feeling dull inside?

Boost your "INNER GLOW" with Ryx Skin's Exclusive KENPAKU BIJIN, your "ORGANIC GLUTATHIONE"

This is the game changer of all the basic glutathione capsules! Imagine getting the holistic ingredients in one capsule!
- Glutathione
- Vitamin C
- Collagen
- Icystine

As a matter of fact, the main benefits are to reduce oxidative stress, strengthens immune system, detoxifies liver and cells, anti-aging and many more! The only side effect? Skin Lightening!

Go glow, inside and outside with Kenpaku Bijin!

- FDA notified
- Halal Certified
- Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
- Japan Health Ministry Certified

Be kampante dahil basta ALAGANG RYX, Sure na NO WORRIES!

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