Exfoliation 101

Exfoliation 101

You purchase our “Clear Bomb” or “Beyouthiful Starter Kit”, You’ve read all the things about how amazing retinoids are for your skin.

Weeks into using it...

You can’t figure it why but your face is a little dark or red. You wake up in the morning and the skin around your mouth is super dry and flaky. It stings a little. Sometimes, You even have a breakout since started using it. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR. Hindi mo inexpect na ganito pala ang process.

So many of you have gone through some version of this. Some of you ayaw ng ituloy at gusto ng itigil nalang.

Hep! Hep! This is not allergic reaction. THIS IS ANTICIPATED REACTION. ✌🏻When you start using a chemical peel, Your skin will go through a period where you dont love what’s happening in your face. THIS IS NORMAL.

It doesn’t last forever. It actually means you are doing it right. It is generally safe if you are not overly aggressive.

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells. It speeds up your cell turnover rate, stimulating collagen production as well as:

• Helping lighten pigmentation
• Softening fine lines
• Smoothing texture
• Reduces acne scarring
• Treating acne, Unclogging pores
• Enhancing product absorption

Chemical Exfoliators:
AHA’S (Glycolic Acid) BHA’S (Salicylic Acid) ENZYME (Papain) - it work by dissolving the intercellular glue that holds our dead skin cells together, accelerating the skin’s natural shedding process. Enzymes are more gentle and work by digesting our dead surface skin cells.

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