Clearbomb Soap

Clearbomb Soap



Go for high. When it comes to skin problems, high-level exfoliating is the key. To start this journey, wash your face with Clear Bomb soap:


✅ contains potent power of Glycolic Acid from Alpha-Hydroxy Acid family

✅ relieves dry skin for brighter skin

✅ deeply removes dead cells and dirt 

✅ prevents black heads

✅ diminish fine lines and hyperpigmentation

✅ avoids pimple formation & other skin issues


Clear Bomb Soap can be bought from Clear Bomb Set which includes (soap, toners and day/night creams). Not sold separately. 



⚠️ BUY only from our authorized distributors/resellers 

⚠️ CHECK the price and resellers/distributors ID (visit the website to verify the authenticity)

⚠️ DO NOT BUY when the price is lower than SRP

⚠️ DO NOT BUY “scrap” soaps. We do not make one and we don’t tolerate imitated and fake products.


Exfoliating is a very sensitive and delicate process for your skin. Always go for high quality products and never settle for less. Take care of your skin.


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