Para saan ba yung Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating? Ang purpose niya ay simply to exfoliate your skin. Iniispeed up niya yung cell turnover ng skin kaya may mga CHEMICAL EXFOLIATOR like AHA/BHA. 🙂

Kahit na “advanced” and mas mataas ang % nito compared to our Beyouthiful Starter Kit. MILD and gentle pa din ito for daily use compared to other brands DAHIL may sinusunod po kaming tamang percentage na DAPAT lang sa pang araw-araw. 💖

Yung iba lalo na kung sanay na sa mga EXFOLIATING KIT and REJUVENATING SET, “Mild” na yung dating ng CLEAR BOMB sakanila.

Samantalang sa mga 1st timer, Sobrang nahahapdian sila which is normal dahil
CHEMICAL peel po ito. 🙂

Here are some things to expect when you start the exfoliating process through our Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating Kit:

• You may experience skin darkening and tightening/drying as it prepares your skin for peeling.
• During the peeling stage, you may experience stinging sensation and mild itchyness as your skin’s sensitivity is highly increased due to the working chemical peel. Ang peeling po ay naka-depende pa rin sa skin type. Do not expect na magpi-peel kayo ng sobra lalo na’t madalas kayong gumamit ng mga rejuvenating sets. Discontinue other products 1-2 weeks prior to use as they may not be compatible to Clear Bomb.
• After the peeling, Your skin will be visibly brighter, more radiant and glowing. 

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